About us

Blanco is a Japanese word for “Swing”

Hi ! We are Hiromi and Nick based in Byron Bay Australia who are like kids on a Blanco trying to enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle and follow our passions

We think life must be lived as play.
The world is a playground and life is pushing our swings to feel the freedom and be open to simply enjoy life like we all felt when we were kids

BLANCO also translates to WHITE, suggesting that our life is like a white empty clean canvas and it is up to us as individuals of what colors, textures and shapes we want to add to it!

Our mission is to provide unique travel and cultural experiences for the conscious minded individual. We love connecting with local communities true way of life within their natural environment. We aspire to offer an authentic approach of understanding new cultures and sustainable living practices in order to nurture ourselves and our planet.

Hiromi Shibasaki

Hiromi Shibasaki

After graduating from Sophia University in Japan (BA Psychology),she joined the highly competitive leadership training program at GE Capital where she worked for 5 years in various positions such as structured financing, sales, marketing and corporate citizenship.  + Read full profile

Nick Coghlan

Nick Coghlan

Nick grew up by the ocean on the east coast of Australia. From an early age he started surfing and was given scholarships at the High Performance Centre for Surfing. Over his career he has trained under the best coaches within Australia and went on to be a Professional Surfer travelling the world on the ASP World Qualifying Series. + Read Full Profile

What we do


We provide meaningful experiences and connections between people and nature, people and the ocean and people with each other. We are inspired and energized by the ocean, nature and the lifestyle it brings and we aspire to share the stoke to empower others through guided surf tours, hiking, waterfall tours and yoga programs.


We believe that food is medicine. With a clear and clean body, mind, and heart can heal you on every level. We offer catering services, cooking classes and workshops blending our Japanese based intellectual and intuitive macrobiotic approach in every meal we prepare, encouraging fresh, unprocessed, wholesome, local and seasonal produce to optimize nutritional value but still being aesthetically vibrant and pleasing.

Creative Management

Whether you are traveling to Byron Bay for work or pleasure, we are here to assist and act as a “dot connector.” providing logistical “boots on the ground” in local communities. Our work-related services include coordinating events (i.e. concerts, film screenings, product release parties), photo/video shoots, and recruiting/securing local talent. Our travel-related services include curating and coordinating seamless and authentic Australian experiences.



人口3万人の小さなビーチタウン、バイロンベイは 年間2百万人の観光客が国内外から訪れる人気の ホリデースポットです。 ホリデーシーズンは、宿はどこも満室、カフェやお店も賑わい、 町も道も海も、人、人、人。 訪れる人はみな、ここのパラダイスマジックにはまり、 移住者も後を絶たない。 でも、そもそも人口3万人のインフラキャパシティだから たとえ一時的であったとしても、爆発的な人口増加には 耐えられる設計になっていない。ローカルの間では 冗談にもならないぐらい、道路は穴ぼこだらけ、凸凹で まともに舗装されている道の方が少ないくらい。...

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“SURF SHACKS ” Book Launch Party @ McTavish

It was 2013 when I first met Matt from Venice Beach, California. I was living in the woods of Chiba, in a humble cottage, 100km east of Tokyo where I could be more close to the surf. Matt was visiting Japan on his honeymoon with his wife Courtney. We were introduced...

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Photography Credit- Carly Brown, Chrystal Dawn